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NOTICE: This value list may be incorrect and have false information. Value List: Exp's & Jxoic's Value List. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.. One pet one that is being sought-after by people today is Pony pets. The pony is an exclusive Rarity pet you can get from an Exclusive Pets Egg in the Pet Simulator game. The odds of finding This pet's rarity is around 35 percent. The Pony Pet Simulator Value is 8000000000 diamonds at present. pet sim x My Streaming / Recording Device : Device Name : Samsung Galaxy M30s Storage : 128GB Ram : 6GB Roblox : Buy Merch With Robux : Roblox Profile : Other YouTube Channels :. Roblox Pet Simulator X players will get access to the option to fuse pets after they unlock the game's third area, the Beach. This will cost 75,000 coins, so players will need to spend some time. BGS Collab Value List. Recently we added 2 new [People to the List. @Carter072608 and @Trrrrinity . We updated the list a LOTT!! Updates: Fixed many values. Updated OGS. New Color theymes to tell if a pet's Value is In secrets value or shinies valuE. Updated many pet'S hatch Amoutnt.